How to adapt fitness to corporate life

Be geek AND be fit!

I have been in software industry for a while. Here my two cents about incorporating fitness to your busy corporate life.

Don’t try save the world from Day 1

You never took care of what you eat and then you started counting calories from Day 1? You never did workout in your life and then decided go to gym 4 days a week?

Be realistic:) Start someting with simple. I know you are too tired to go to gym after office hours. Why don’t you aim for preparing your sport bag and just go to gym? That’s all. Do what you like at gym 30 minutes and come back home.

Another example is that if you use 3 sugar everytime you drink coffee, decrease it to 2 in a month. Next month, decrease it to 1. Next month, you are done! After 3 months, your body will get used to sugar free coffee. However, be consistent about it!

Festina lente

Yes, be consistent about it. In other words, slowly make haste!

Discover your “I don’t want to do anything” slot 

When you don’t want to do anything and stay in your couch, do yourself a favor! Go to kitchen, fill the pot with water and food (vegetables, protein resources, brown rice, legumes…), open the gas, and then return to the couch. Don’t forget to set the timer in case you sleep 🙂 Congragulations! You saved time to prepare food when you come from work. When you want to consume them, you can use microwave or boil them.

Bulk meal preparation

Freezer will save your time. Boil any kind of vegetables, protein resources, brown rice, legumes, home made sauces and put them in freezer. Do it in your “I don’t want to do anything” slot

Are you traveling too much?

  • Arrange gym membership on site location.
  • Choose hotel/service apartments close to gyms
  • Service apartments are better to cook your own food. Do not forget, the nutrition is the key. You just train for 1-1.5 hours and the rest 23 hours, which determines the result

Risk management

Create alternatives in case you can’t make it to gym. Some alternatives are

  1. Carry resistance bands with you. No, they don’t occupy  much space!
  2. Learn body workouts
  3. Yoga, streching, HIIT at hotel…

Fake it till you make it

It seems pointless to lift weights at the beginning. Give yourself 2-3 weeks and then you will realize how you feel better. As soon as you start making effort in gym/home/outdoor workout, you will automatically focus on eating healtier food. It is physiological! you will at least think twice 😉

Last but not the least….Rome wasn’t built in a day. And neither was your body

How long did it take you to finish you degree? Have you achived remarkable thing something very easly and quickly in your life? If yes, did it last long? It is same for gaining positive habits and changing your body composition.

It is not going to be easy. You are responsible to find out sustainable workout plan and healthy eating for your life style. Copy-paste workout/nutrition plans will not work for everyone.

Be geek AND be fit,

Suleyman Yildirim


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