AWS Certified Solutions Architect – API Gateway Study Questions

With what backends can Amazon API Gateway communicate?

Can you use the lambda function from another account for an API Gateway?

What is VPC link is used for?

You create an endpoint to your VPC by setting up a VPC link between X and Y?

How do you improve the API performance?

What are the two basic types of throttling-related settings that Amazon API Gateway provide?

In which order API Gateway throttling-related settings are applied?

What are the Account-level throttling limits?

steady-state rate – 10,000 requests

burst rate – 5,000 request

By default, API Gateway limits the steady-state request rate to 10,000 requests per second. It limits the burst to 5,000 requests across all APIs within an AWS account. In API Gateway, the burst limit corresponds to the maximum number of concurrent request submissions that API Gateway can fulfil at any moment without returning 429 Too Many Requests error responses.

How API Gateway processes the following scenarios, given the burst limit and the default account-level rate limit?

  • If a caller submits 10,000 requests in a one-second period evenly (for example, 10 requests every millisecond)…
  • If the caller sends 10,000 requests in the first millisecond…
  • If the caller submits 5,000 requests in the first millisecond and then evenly spreads another 5,000 requests through the remaining 999 milliseconds (for example, about 5 requests every millisecond)…
  • If the caller submits 5,000 requests in the first millisecond and waits until the 101st millisecond to submit another 5,000 requests…
  • If the caller submits 5,000 requests in the first millisecond, submits 1,000 requests at the 101st millisecond, and then evenly spreads another 4,000 requests through the remaining 899 milliseconds,…

You can control how unauthorized requests are handled by choosing an option from Handle unauthorized requests in the API Gateway console. What are the three options of Handle unauthorized requests?

You can use AWS SAM to control who can access your API Gateway APIs by enabling authorization within your AWS SAM template. Which mechanisms AWS SAM support for controlling access to your API Gateway APIs?

What is configured by default by AWS to protect the backend systems?

What are the options for a cache setting in API gateway?

There are two types of API logging in CloudWatch: execution logging and access logging. Which one do you use to know who has accessed your API?

AWS Amazon API Gateway FAQs

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