If/Else Cumleleri Icin Rule Tasarim Kalibi

Bugun, projemizde kullandigimiz Rule tasarim kalibi (Rule Design Pattern) anlatacagim. Bu yontemi zaman baskisi yuzunden ekibe kabul ettirmek zor oldu ama ortaya cikan sonuctan memnun kaldik. Umarim sizin de isinize yarar. Problem Spring Boot ile yazilan backend uygulamamizda farkli musteri tipleri icin farkli kurallarin uygulandigi bir fonksiyon vardi. Musteri tiplerine gore onyuze farkli bildirim mesajlarini […]

Factory Method Pattern for Spring Hateoas Links

Problem Description You have a single class in your application where you create Hateoas Links for different API versions (e.g.: V1 and V2). The class grows quickly with time as you add a lot of logic for those versions. You want to refactor the existing class so that it is easier to be modified for […]

Java 8 Optionals for Null Objects

In my previous post, I mentioned about refactoring techniques including testing interface for null checks. I have recognized that there is an alternative for it while reading Java 8 in Action: Lambdas, streams, and functional-style programming. Optional Class If there is an object that might contain a null value, we can use Optional to wrap the […]

How to deal with nested conditionals (Part 2)

In my previous post, I mentioned about Decomposing Conditional and Consolidate Conditional Expression for nested conditionals. The problem was not only the nested conditions but also duplicated code fragments and lots of null object controls.  In this post, we will cover Consolidate Duplicate Conditional Fragments and Testing Interface to tackle the above mentioned problems. Consolidate Duplicate Conditional Fragments […]

How to deal with nested conditionals (Part 1)

In my current project, there are 1000s of lines of code (LOC), some of which date back to 10 years ago. An important part of my day-to-day job is try to understand and debug functions just like the following example (Listing 1). I omitted the boolean expressions and the code in branches but it is still […]