I created this page to give an idea about my commercial and side project experiences, which also allows me to reflect on what I did.

Commercial Projects

2018 – Accenture/Public Sector – Enterprise Search

The Data-Driven Insights (DDI) Enterprise Search application integrated numerous sources of data by offering a single user interface to provide significantly faster and more insightful intelligence for the client. The project consisted of multiple agile teams which were responsible for different components.

2019 – Accenture/Innovation Team

The innovation team was responsible for creating proof-of-concept solutions and presenting them to senior management on a regular basis. There were many potential product ideas proposed by senior management. The goal was to research and prototype new IT solutions for the different business problems of Accenture’s clients.

2020 – Accenture/Multinational Telecommunications Company – Home Broadband Project

The home broadband customer journey consists of different microservices. Broadband purchase is a Spring Boot application running in Azure DevOps that helps customers choose broadband plans and packages.

Testing Approach

In most of the projects, I applied the pyramid testing approach. JUnit and Mockito were heavily used testing frameworks for Unit tests. MockMvc and WebTestClient were used for integration testing for servlet and reactive applications respectively. I also used Cucumber to write BDD tests for a few projects, such as Vodafone. However, in most cases, there was a separate QA team responsible for BDD tests.

2021 – Practical Spring Security Course (Side Hussle)

I created a 4 hour of online course content on Spring Security for the EC-Council. Course objectives were as follows:

  • Get a bird’s eye view of Spring Security to understand what it is used for and what it has to offer us
  • Get the background information on authentication and authorization.
  • Integrating Spring Security with Spring MVC.
  • Implementing REST API security using Oauth2.0 and JWT.
  • Configuring Postman for authorizing API requests