Scaling to 1 million users on AWS

1 User You could start by deploying a simple application on a single box. For example, you may be a LAMP stack developer or a .NET developer and decide to host your web server, application server, and database on the same EC2 instance. Next, you want to deploy this EC2 instance somewhere inside a secure […]

AWS Certified Solutions Architect: Notes and Practice Questions

I gathered my study notes and practice questions for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam. You can download it at the end of the post. I created the content so that I could review it later on. It might help you along with other resources. However, do not expect a comprehensive document 🙂 Although […]

Jenkinsfile: AWS Lambda deployment from S3 bucket

AWS Lambda limits the amount of compute and storage resources that you can use to run and store functions. The deployment package size is 50 MB (zipped). Here is the solution how to beat it. Take a look at this blog for S3 solution as well.   Problem Assuming that you created a zip file called […]