Java Concurrency – Basic Concepts

Defining and Starting a Thread There are two ways to define a thread: Provide a Runnable object or Subclass Thread. The first approach is more flexible and applicable to high-level thread concurrency APIs. It is also more general because the Runnable object can subclass a class other than Thread. Synchronization Synchronization can introduce thread contention, which occurs when two or more threads try […]

Java SE 8/11 Programmer II Exam Series: Concurrency (Part 1)

Introduction This post is currently in progress… In this post, we will look at the exam objective; create worker threads using Runnable, Callable, and use an ExecutorService to concurrently execute tasks. Note that this is also a part of the Java SE 11 Programmer II Certification. Runnable Interface Runnable interface Usages of Runnable interface Creating a […]