Java SE 8/11 Programmer II Exam Series: Streams

Introduction In this post, we will cover the streams in Java 8. We will discover the three parts of the pipeline: source, terminal, and intermediate operations. What is a stream pipeline? Stream operations are divided into intermediate and terminal operations and are combined to form stream pipelines. A stream pipeline consists of a source; followed by zero or more intermediate […]

Java SE 8/11 Programmer II Exam Series: Built-in Functional Interfaces

Introduction Functional interfaces are the basics of functional programming in Java 8. If you master the six basic interfaces, you can derive the rest and understand the streams. In this section, we will cover the common functional interfaces in java.util.function package: Supplier, Consumer, Predicate, Function, UnaryOperator, and BinaryOperator. Class Hierarchy The diagram shows the class […]

Item 44: Favor the use of standard functional interfaces

If one of the standard functional interfaces does the job, you should generally use it in preference to a purpose-built functional interface This will make your API easier to learn, by reducing its conceptual surface area, and will provide significant interoperability benefits Always annotate your functional interfaces with the @FunctionalInterface annotation @FunctionalInterface annotation is used […]